Stonewall Jackson’s Last Words

Emerging Civil War

shrine070411One of the most common questions I get when I’m on the road, sharing the story of The Last Days of Stonewall Jackson with Civil War roundtables, concerns Jackson’s last words.

Jackson had spent the afternoon of May 10, 1863, fading in and out of consciousness, in and out of delirium, and at one point started shouting out battle orders. Then he abruptly stopped, and his whole body relaxed, and a gentle smile passed over his face. “Let us cross over the river,” he said calmly, “and rest under the shade of the trees.”

“What river do you think he was referring to?” people often ask.

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What’s up with Civil War Roundtables?

Fredericksburg Remembered

From John Hennessy:

I have done some speaking on the Civil War Round Table circuit lately. The public reaction to all these things has gotten me thinking, and I offer up a few observations.

A couple years ago I made a short circuit through the Deep South, speaking at a couple of Civil War Round Tables. They treated me exceedingly well, and I enjoyed myself. But (you knew that was coming) the experience made an impression on me for other reasons.  Back in the 1980s and early 1990s, conferences and invitations to speak at Civil War Roundtables were rampant. I think one year, before Return to Bull Run came out, I received something like 180 invitations to speak at various places.  And wherever I or one of the others who commonly rode the cannonball circuit went, the audiences were large and sometimes (though not always) enthusiastic . (At one appearance…

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Rafael Edward Cruz has no consular report of birth abroad – if he does have such paper it would prove he is a nationalized citizen  with a Cuban born Canadian father and an American mother (if she did not give up her citizenship).  It would never prove he was a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.  He is not eligible to run for president.

He is not producing any such document, therefore, he should be removed from the 2016 presidential race. If he can not show proof of consular report of birth abroad, he is not eligible to hold his senate seat and should be removed from the senate.

Dianne Marshall

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Millions of Muslims are leaving Islam as they watch the extremism of Iranian & ISIS leaders, says a top Iranian Christian leader.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

hormoz-joel-sept13The violent, fanatical, and apocalyptic actions and rhetoric of the Iranian regime and the leadership of the Islamic State are causing millions of Muslimsto rethink whether they want to be part of such a religion, and many of them are turning to faith in Jesus Christ.

This is the assessment of Dr. Hormoz Shariat, a former Muslim who came to faith in Christ himself in the early 1980s. Today, Dr. Shariat is one of the the most prominent Iranian Christian pastors and evangelists in the world.

Last month, I had dinner with this dear friend, a man I call the “Billy Graham of Iran” because he is preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions upon millions of Iranians through his 24/7 Farsi satellite television network.

We were talking about the trends he’s seeing in the Islamic world, and I left the conversation surprised by how encouraged he is. Yes, the Iranian regime and ISIS…

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You Can Fight Without Ever Winning, But Never Win Without a Fight — A Review of ‘How to be Right’

Reb on the Red Line

December 21st, 2015. 22:56

As someone who regularly watches Fox News (shocker!), I’ve become fairly familiar with their anchors, hosts, and contributors. One of my favorites, if not my absolute favorite, among them is Greg Gutfeld. For the uninitiated, Gutfeld got his start on Fox via Red Eye, a sort of off-the-wall satirical late-night program that looked like it had about the budget my elementary school’s TV studio. Years went on, and when Fox needed a replacement for the increasingly unhinged Glenn Beck, they started a new show in his time slot: The Five. Gutfeld is one of the six (wait, that’s not right) hosts of that program, which was how I got introduced to him. I’m now an avid viewer of his more recent program which airs on weekend nights, which retains the comedic elements of Red Eye with a little bit more of a newsy angle a la…

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#Syria #President Bashar Al-Assad’s Message to the West: It is Illegal to Bomb our Country | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Sentient Christian

Source: President Bashar Al-Assad’s Message to the West: It is Illegal to Bomb our Country | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization


President Bashar al-Assad affirmed that the majority of international reports about Syria are politicized, incredible and financed by the Qataris and Saudis.

President al-Assad added in an interview given to Netherlands NPO2 TV that the western policy towards counter-terrorism file is not objective and not stable.

Following is the full text;

Question 1: Mr. President, after four years of civil war in your country, what’s left of Syria?

President Assad: What’s left is about the people. If you talk about the infrastructure, many have been destroyed during the last four years and few months, but it’s about the people, what’s left of the people, that is the question, and it’s about how much they withstand this dark ideology that the terrorists brought with them from different…

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