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The hippie counselor

Oh man! It has been a while since my last blog, and ironically enough my last blog was a similar topic to this one. If you are just now stumbling onto this blog, you’re probably gathering that I’m a therapist. I work with kids and teens. If you go to my main page, you can find my last post that was about toughing it out versus learning actual coping tools. It was good stuff.  I’m planning on getting back to posting regularly – be on the lookout for a life updates and favorites post that should be on it’s way in the next week.

In the meantime, I’m here with more musings about working with kids and parenting – a huge piece of what I do is helping parents relate better to their children and building of the parent/child relationship. Studies show that when the parent/child relationship is strong, kids…

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Cannabis oil treating Epilepsy, 173 years ago

Cannabis Oil, Cannabinoids and Terpenes

William Brooke O’Shaughnessy

Everyday I read articles about scientific breakthroughs concerning the medical properties of cannabis, this morning I read an article on how CBD is “a wonder medicine for pediatric epilepsy’ and how Amylea Nunez, aged two months was the youngest patient to be prescribed cannabis oil. However, she is not the youngest and cannabis oil as a treatment in paediatric epilepsy is not a new discovery, it is merely a rediscovery.

You can read little Amylea’s amazing story: Infant Overcomes Seizures After Becoming Youngest Patient to Take Cannabis Oil

William_Brooke_O’Shaughnessy_1Dr WB O’Shaughnessy

In 1840, Victorian Doctors were treating people with extracts of cannabis for many illnesses, including tinctures for treating children with epilepsy.

One of my favourite pioneers was Dr William Brooke O’Shaughnessy MD, an irish physician, surgeon, Professor of chemistry, scientist and innovator, he was a pioneer of ‘intravenous therapy’ and he is the man credited with introducing…

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The Punishment for Reading a Bible in Saudi Arabia

sharia unveiled

Persecuted Christians - Bible in Chains

by, The Muslim Issue | Act for America 

There is a new punishment for reading the Bible in Saudi Arabia. Your right hand is shredded. The four fingers and thumb are cut to the bone forty or fifty times. Muscles and nerves are severed so as to render the hand useless in the future. Also this punishment is carried out in filthy conditions making serious infection almost certain.

Apart from their Sharia law, based on the doctrine’s of their ‘prophet’ Mohammed (warlord and pedophile) Saudi Arabia has been short of head-choppers for their 2,500+ executions per year PER executioner and have been advertising to fill these dirty positions for quite sometime.

An executioner is a job done by ‘lower status’ individual and is a position that is paid per execution by the government under confidentiality agreements. The government also provides the sword. The Saudi government has been considering firing…

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Resignation letter


Yesterday I resigned my position in the York Township Republican Committeemen’s Organization. Below is the letter I sent to the chairman explaining my decision.


Chairman Cuzzone:

We come together in political parties to magnify our influence. An organized representative institution can give weight to our will in ways we could not accomplish on our own. Working with others gives us power, but at the cost of constant, calculated compromise. No two people will agree on everything. There is no moral purity in politics.

If compromise is the key to healthy politics, how does one respond when compromise descends into complicity? To preserve a sense of our personal moral accountability we must each define boundaries. For those boundaries to have meaning we must have the courage to protect them, even when the cost is high.

Almost thirty years ago as a teenager in Texas, I attended my first county Republican…

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