Bio: I'm a retired General Manager of auto dealerships in California. I have moved to Austin Texas to be near my wonderful daughter and son in law. With time on my hands, i have increased the readership of newspapers to between 8 and 10 per day. Here i am attempting to dissect what the real news is. I read news from the far left to the far right to determine what is real and what's not and will comment and often reproduce the publications that have passed the fact checkers and tell us the TRUTH ...not what each individual authors write that supports their own agendas ( frequently , when the have hidden agendas they tend to , shall i say, stretch and even make up, copy and paist what ever they need to support those agendas')..So i ask you to comment as often as you can whether you agree or disagree so all of us know what is truthful.

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12 comments on “About

  1. vicbriggs says:

    An interesting project. Will keep abreast of news and contribute whenever I am able.

  2. Elaine says:

    It’s not Elaine, it’s suppose to be Delilahdidit, you cant mix the two up;) What do ya think of that chick on TalesfromtheLou calling all Irishmen wind bags? Fuck her right.

  3. delilahdidit says:

    Good morning Donny:
    What has this God forsaking world got in store for us today:) I personally think we a doomed.

  4. delilahdidit says:

    Sorry for the spelling,” we a doomed” hahaha
    I was born in Ireland Donny, and raised by my father. My mother left him with 4 kids when I was 6 so anyone who cuts down an Irish man I just think she wasn’t able to keep one,My father was a gem and I think you would have liked him, he raised us all on his own like a pack of wolves, and man those were hard times because he always though my mother was coming back and she did but with another man. My Da died when he was 67 with a big smile on his face and my Ma is miserable to this day.Here is a published poem I wrote for ya. Have a great day

    Due Drops sooth my tear stained face as I stand paralyzed in a state of undisturbed emotion. Rhapsodic vibrations echo across the Crystal Sky invigorate my Plebeian soul it’s brilliant where the Crickets Chirr. Silvery polished meadows sway in delicate waves Hypnotized my heart desires nothing dipped in Plenty. Pared away layers of damage reveals true radiance I stand awakened and free at last where the Crickets Chirr.

    By Elaine Byrne

    Sorry the picture won’t post;

    • my mothers family were all irish ( Evans and Emerson’s)..i also raised my daughter alone since she was 5..so i agree , we irishmen are very strong.
      i will miss you..please come back when possible. i hope you acquire all you wish in life. please be safe, but have a wonderful life…donnie

  5. delilahdidit says:

    Donny pls feel free to delete the stuff I write to you, I wont be offended, it’s just meant for you to read anyway.I’m moving tomorrow and I’m cutting off the internet so I don’t have to read the sad stories I’m attracted to. So just press delete.
    Cheers from Victoria, BC

  6. delilahdidit says:

    I knew it!! with a handsome face like that you had to be Irish. Love the grin;)

  7. delilahdidit says:

    Your a good man Donnie, I know how hard it must have been for ya, but aren’t ya glad ya did it. I watched my Da very close, I even went on jobs with him, he was a glazier by trade, because of this I lived in Ireland, Australia, England, California, New Zealand and finally Canada because he loved the Rockies.
    Keep on fighting the fight Donnie, and remember Irish Men Rule!!!

  8. Jeffrey Hardin says:

    Thank you Brother for following Jericho777…
    Love your motto… Searching For the Truth! So had we all better!

  9. prayingforoneday says:

    Please accept this “Seven Awards Package”
    If you don’t accept awards please pass this to a friend who does.

    More love, less hate

  10. Greetings to Austin from the San Antonio area. Keep seeking the truth. The powers that be have a lot to hide.

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