100,000 views on my blog today!! I’m glad about it, and am hoping and praying that, I will able to reach more people.

Sentient Christian

I am going to try and reach about 200,000 people this year, and will seek to shine a light,{ however dimly }, on the fact that they have either been lied to, or have been taught falsehoods at school,concerning God’s word.

I am personally a bit sick of seeing all-sorts of utter drivel, being portrayed as what God would have us believe,or that it is a biblical practice.

I go on twitter quite frequently, and check out what the various ‘ Cult Groups ‘ are touting. Suffice to say, that,” satan is having a field day “.

I hope and pray, that more of you will visit my Blog, and re-post/re-blog some of the articles, or just copy/paste what you find there?

I don’t care, as long as the information gets out there, and people are woken up!!

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