Today we honor men who fought on D-Day to defeat Nazis & end the Holocaust. Here is President Reagan’s remarkable speech at Point du Hoc on the 40th anniversary.

Joel C. Rosenberg's Blog

D-Day(Washington, D.C.) — Seventy years ago was “D-Day.” The bravest men America and our Allies had to offer stormed the French coast of Normandy.

They did it to defeat the cruel and evil Nazi tyranny. They did it not to conquer but to liberate. They did it to set free the people of France, and all the people of Europe.  They did it to liberate the concentration camps and end the Holocaust. They did it to protect their parents and wives and children back home. They did it to obey their leaders. And to honor their God.

Against all odds, they did it.

The more I learned about these men while I was researching and writing The Auschwitz Escape, the more impressed, humbled and grateful I became.

Today, let us honor the men who fought — those who died and those who survived. Let us remember them, and all our…

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