Elite US Troops Trained to Use Backpack Nukes!

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special_Atomic_Demolition_Munition Click on image for article!

  • Elite US troops trained to use backpack nukes! 
    by http://rt.com/ 
    Skiing down a mountain and into a battlefield with a nuclear bomb strapped to your back seems like something you’d see only in a James Bond movie, but that’s just one of the things the US elite military personnel were trained to do during the Cold War.

    In a detailed report by Foreign Policy, the publication  chronicles the creation of the Special Atomic Demolition Munition  (SAMD), a portable nuclear weapon that could be carried into  battlefield by a single solider. During the Cold War’s final 25  years, Navy SEALs and Army Special Forces were trained to carry  these “backpack nukes” beyond enemy lines where, if necessary,  they’d be used to destroy valuable infrastructure and keep  opposing forces at bay.

    Concerned with the Soviet Union’s military advantage over the  United States and…

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