Advice for Shooting Outdoors in Winter

Photofocus (old site)

Editor: This is an updated post from Scott Bourne.  It seems perfectly timely for the season ahead.

If you want to photograph wildlife (or any subject outdoors) pay attention to these winter considerations:

Snow can cause your camera’s meter to register an improper exposure by fooling the camera into thinking there is more light than there really is. A simple way to avoid this is to fill the frame with the animal or use your camera’s spot meter to make sure you are reading only the light that is striking the animal, not the light that is striking the surrounding areas. See the exposure section if you need a brush up on metering non-medium tones.

Cold weather can also affect your gear. Cold weather shortens battery life. It’s a good idea to keep your spare batteries in a pocket close to your body. Often, if a battery runs low, warming…

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