Lessons in cross-cultural living: An anecdotal exploration of data from a Persian-Jewish-Southern American

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In today’s talk, Pico Iyer looks at the complexity of the question, “Where do you come from?” If the question is code for, “Where are your family’s roots?” [ted_talkteaser id=1789]his answer is India — although he has never lived there. If the question means, “Where were you born?” his answer is England — though he left the country as soon as he was able to. If the question is asking, “Where do you live now?” then the answer is the United States. But if the question is, “Where is your heart?” then Iyer’s answer is Japan, a country that has long intrigued him.

Iyer notes that many people have a culture recipe with multiple ingredients. And this, he says, can be a point of commonality. “The typical person I meet today will be, let’s say, a half-Korean, half-German young woman living in Paris. As soon as she meets a…

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