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Derek Paravicini is many things: an incredible piano player, a blind man, an excited talker, a musical savant, and a 30-something with severe autism. [ted_talkteaser id=1808]In today’s TED Talk, we get a fascinating peek into how he understands music. Paravicini — who was playing major concert halls at the age of 10 — not only has perfect pitch, that rare ability to recognize and re-create any musical note, but is also able to hear all the individual notes played simultaneously in a piece of music. Paravicini has a memory for an incredible catalogue of songs, and is able to transpose them into any key at will. But while Paravicini has been called “The Human iPod,” his longtime piano teacher Adam Ockelford says that this description misses the point.

“Derek, you are so much more than an iPod,” says Ockelford. “You’re a fantastic, creative musician.”

Today’s talk brings up many questions…

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