Woman Who Called Police On 8-Year-Old Loses Cannabis Dispensary Deal, While Little Girl Is Going To Disneyland


Over the weekend, we shared the news of the most recent White woman who called the police on a Black person just trying to live their lives. In this case the White woman was Alison Ettel who called the police on an 8-year-old girl selling water in front of her own home.

Ettel, for whatever reason, took offense to the Jordan’s hustle and called the police. Thankfully, Jordan’s mother was right beside her and caught Ettel and her ridiculousness on camera.

Jordan’s mother, Erin Austin, said Ethel walked up to her demanding a permit. She threatened to call the police if they could not produce one. Later, Ettel told the Huffington Post, that she was only…

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Barack Obama Shares What He Misses Most About Being President, His Thoughts During Trump Inauguration


January 20 will mark one year since Donald Trump’s inauguration, the day he was sworn into office and we watched our favorite First Family step out of public view to go on to seemingly live their best lives without us. That disappointing day may have come and gone, but the mere sight or mention of Barack and Michelle Obama since then has brought a comforting sense of nostalgia and a reminder of the good ol’ days. But does Barack miss being in charge as much as we miss him?

Not necessarily. But in a special interview with Prince Harry for BBC Radio 4, he said there are certain aspects of the job that he misses quite a bit.

Barack Obama White House Getty

“Well, I have to say because we were both in traffic today, the fact that I didn’t used to experience traffic,” he joked. “I used to cause traffic, much to…

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Mike Flynn Turns on Trump, Talks To FBI


Multiple sources with links to the intelligence and law enforcement communities say that Lt. Gen Mike Flynn has turned on Donald Trump, and has already had at least one lengthy interview with the FBI.

General Flynn has not been offered a deal as of yet, these sources say. They indicate that as of this writing Flynn has not been arrested. He would likely be offered a chance to surrender himself, sources report, when that time comes.

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Sources with links to the Justice Department indicate that General Flynn has already been indicted. On Twitter, Claude Taylor exclusively reported on May 14th that an indictment against Flynn had been returned by a Grand Jury and that this indictment was sealed. I can…

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Exclusive: Sources: General Flynn ‘Wept’ As He Asked FBI to Spare Mike Flynn Jr


Exclusive: Retired Lt. Gen. Flynn broke down and sobbed, sources familiar with the matter said, when faced with the extent of the signals intelligence, or SIGINT, against himself and Mike Flynn Jr. Senior law enforcement officials presented Donald Trump’s former National Security adviser, already indicted at the time for failure to register as a foreign agent of Turkey, with irrefutable evidence of espionage committed on behalf of the Russian state by both himself and his son and business partner, Mike Flynn Jr. Espionage is a capital crime.

Separate sources with links to the intelligence community and the Justice Department report that a deal for leniency for his son offered to General Flynn, on which we exclusively reported earlier this year, may have been derailed by Mike Flynn Jr’s compulsive tweeting of divisive, pro-Kremlin propaganda.

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Paul Ryan Taped With Russian Ambassador On GOP Money Laundering


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Exclusive: Sources with links to the intelligence community now confirm that a tape exists of Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, discussing how Russian money could be funneled without detection to target GOP campaigns, including Ryan’s.

These sources report that Mr. Ryan is also on tape discussing how he can best use and disseminate Wikileaks material that was hacked from the DNC by Russia in order to win both his own election and election for Trump.

Further, sources say, the tape of Mr. Ryan discussing his knowledge of Russia funding the GOP that has previously been published in the Washington Post is in fact a small fragment of a much more damaging tape.

Patribotics exclusively broke the news of that…

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