Image Quality ~ A back to basics guide – Part 1 of 2

Originally posted on Photofocus:

Intro: I’m in no way a self proclaimed expert in these matters and I do recognise that there are many other systems to use when making photographs other than the ones I’ve highlighted in this feature. However, I do produce prints with a high image quality and the process that I use works for me. Every step of the journey from the concept of the image to the production of the print has a role to play.

Shot on the 6 million pixel Fujifilm S2 camera

1. I shot this frame in 2003 on the 6 million pixel Fujifilm S2 camera. I used a monopod and exposed Mike for 1/6th second at f/4 using ISO 200. We all used in camera jpegs those days. Digital photography has come a long way since 2003.

Photographer: We often think of image quality as a technical thing but no amount of high end cameras lenses and equipment can make up for poor…

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